The Why, What, When and How’s


Our Privacy Policy covers the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information that may be collected anytime you interact with us, such as when you visit our website, visit our workshop, when you purchase our products and contact ourselves via email or telephone call. If you could please take a moment to read over why, how and when we will use your information. Including whom we disclose the information too.


Why do we collect personal information //

We collect your information to process orders and online purchases, all the way through to the delivery of your goods. Your data helps to improve our products and website.

How we use your information and what information we use //


Examples of how we use your information:

  • The ordering process means we will need a few pieces of information: your name, telephone number, possibly your delivery address and email address to place an order. This will used on our estimate, quote and invoices
  • Depending on your location, your address and contact information may be passes on to a courier or 3rd party delivery company. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know who the courier or delivery company will be prior to delivery, and give you their information too.
  • We use Google Analytics to collect data showing how visitors are using the Dark Iron Fabrications website. The information gathered is used to improve our website and future products.


When we disclose any information //

We do and will not sell or rent your contact information to any other company. Ever.

However, we will have to give our couriers and delivery companies your information so that they can fulfil the orders at their end (if used). Occasionally we will pass on your information to other makers if we can’t make or complete something you need, but only with your permission first.

We do also ask that all third party companies are inline with current GDPR legislation. 

Protection against your information //


We will take all the necessary precautions including administrative, technical, and physical measures to safeguard your personal information.

Timeframe of information //

When placing an order through Dark Iron Fabrications we will keep some information on file. Such as; Name, Address and Order details for up to 6 years. This purpose is for ease of Re-ordering with us in the future, and for our accounting purposes.


How Wix come into the equation //

We made our website using Wix, a trusted web and eCommerce platform, used by thousands of small businesses. By using this site you will also be subject to their privacy policy -


Payments //


All payments made in person (at showroom, on-site, or our workshop) will be made using an iZettle Go card reader. Learn about iZettle Go -

If you wish to change your personal information or have any further questions, please do contact us by any means.



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