My top 5 US Makers you should be following and why.

Updated: May 8, 2019

If you’re thinking about moving away from mass produced furniture, this blog post is for you. To be honest, If you’ve ever thought about buying anything bespoke, you’re going to gain a lil’ somethin somethin’ from being here.

Our planet is full of inspiring people, and the UK is just one small island floating in the blue. The introduction of social media into our lives has meant that not only can we watch hours of footage of dogs riding robot vacuum cleaners, we can also spend our time peeking into the brains of the some of the world’s most creative makers.

That’s what this post is for. Stop looking at robo-dogs for five minutes and take a look at some of the businesses overseas that are absolutely crushing it. You won’t regret it.

Side note: If you click the photos for each maker, it will take you directly to my favourite post from their feed.

Mezworks - South Lake Tahoe, California

- Their attention to detail -

In my opinion, Mezworks have just got it right. When you follow them on instagram you get stunning craftsmanship, beautiful photography, lakes, mountains and dogs. What more do you want to see on your feed every day?

Sometimes in the pursuit of the perfect finished product, we have to think up our own creative solutions for tools and fixings. And Mezworks really do care about the finer details in their work, from how they engineered their unconventional router sled, right down to how they grind off the welds to leave a super sleek ‘unwelded look’. Perfection. The whole team at Mezworks collaborate together and produce high end furniture that's "eye-catching, innovative, functional, and reflections of our personal style." I couldn't have said it better myself.

Instagram - @mezworks

Corey Morgan Woodworks - Emlenton, Pennsylvania

- For Live-Edge furniture that will wow you -

When I see an Instagram post from Corey Morgan, I know it’s from him before I’ve even looked at the Instagram handle. The concept and style of his live-edge pieces are so unique that it makes the Corey Morgan Woodworks brand instantly recognisable. Something I want to bring to Dark Iron.

I could go on and on about his work but I'll let this image do the selling... Just look at that masterpiece.

Instagram - @coreymorganwoodworks

Bourbon Moth - Albany, Oregon

- For his use of reclaimed wood and for the lols -