Industrial workstation - 8 seats
Industrial workstation - 8 seats

Conference room
Conference room

Directors office desk
Directors office desk

Industrial workstation - 8 seats
Industrial workstation - 8 seats


 Build a workspace that does the selling for you.  


“This is the kind of desk where my new and existing clients are going to spend money at”

Billy Webb - Director, Prohibition Vapes co

As Makers, we could go into detail here about the beauty, sustainability, and longevity of quality hardwood furniture. As former employees, we can all agree that no one feels inspired by tired chipboard cubicles.


But we’re business owners too. And we know that investing in your work space comes down to two fundamentals:


  1. If you create a space that your clients want to spend time in, they’re going to spend more money with you

  2. If you want to build a team invested in growing your business, company culture is crucial. Your employees aren’t just looking for work-life balance anymore, they’re looking for work-life integration.


Every office project we take on has these two fundamentals at its core.


We help you to build an office bespoke to your space, but more importantly, bespoke to your business vision.


What could that include?


Conference tables




Work stations

Coffee tables

Staff break rooms

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