In its early days, Dark Iron Fabrications was a small side passion operating out of a garden shed. In a world of mass produced manufacturing, we dreamed of hand-crafting beautiful sustainable furniture out of the best species of wood in the world. When the business grew, we gave the neighbours some peace, and found a hub for our creativity in a busy workshop in the heart of the Kent countryside.  

We believe that true craftsmanship means:

  • Respecting the origin and individuality of each slab of wood

  • Paying attention to aesthetics, down to each and every bolt used


Every design/piece is made with the finest speciality hardwoods, and finished with bespoke metal design. Each slab of wood we source has a history, and when it leaves Dark Iron HQ, it gets to continue to tell its story in your home or workplace.

We’re not in the business of filling spaces. We’re in the business of making statements.


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